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Bar + Restaurant + Hospitality Strategist

Doug Radkey is a hospitality consultant, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur who works behind the scenes to develop scalable, sustainable, profitable, memorable, and consistent hospitality businesses. With a focus on independent bar, restaurant, and boutique hotel properties, Doug turns vision into strategic clarity with a full suite of solutions for new or seasoned operators looking to successfully start or grow their hospitality business. Doug is the founder and President of KRG Hospitality Inc., an agency that is not only cultivated, but creative and connected with a presence found throughout North America and the Eastern Caribbean. Over the past twelve plus years, Doug and KRG Hospitality have worked with hundreds of brands on the following, positioning them to become the industry’s start-up experts.

Author + Columnist + Podcast Co-Host

Doug Radkey is the author of two books; ‘Bar Hacks’ (2018) and ‘Hacking the New Normal’ (2021) and the co-host of the Bar Hacks Podcast (50+ episodes). Doug is also an ‘expert columnist’ for FoodableTV, The Canadian Restaurant & Food Service Magazine, Bar Biz Magazine, Hospitality Design, Nightclub & Bar, and many others with over 100 articles written.

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Hacking the New Normal

Keynote Speaker

Doug has had the honor and privilege of speaking at some of the most engaging conferences, schools, businesses, and municipalities throughout the world; bringing content that helps aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs navigate this robust and ever-changing industry. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable speaker for your conference, trade-show, school class, membered association, community, or podcast; email doug@krghospitality.com to get the conversation started.

Signature Topics Include:

Track #1

The Non-Negotiables

Timing: 1.5 Hours + .5 Hour Q&A

Going over the general requirements, mindset, characteristics, and strategy plans needed to start a successful brand. You will learn the five key characteristics needed to win in today’s environment, the self assessment you need to complete to prepare yourself for the journey ahead, and finally – the strategy plans that are 100 percent non-negotiable.

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Track #2

Strategy Deep Dive

Timing: 1.5 Hours + .5 Hour Q&A

A detailed walk-through of the 3 most important plans where you will learn proprietary strategies, tools, and resources that will help you get started. From tips on market research to start-up costs, bar & kitchen layouts, equipment, labour management, marketing, and more – this session will prepare you to tackle these essential plans.

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Track #3

Profitable Menus

Timing: 1.5 Hours + .5 Hour Q&A

Approximately 60 percent of restaurants don’t make it past their first year. Having an incorrect menu is one of the key contributors to that statistic. Using the results of your strategy plans; you can create a menu that is approachable and targeted towards your ideal customer – therefore controlling food and costs while maximizing your profits.

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Track #4

Epic Beverage Programs

Timing: 1.5 Hours + .5 Hour Q&A

Every drop counts! Beverages arguably play a larger role in the industry today than they ever did before! A new or seasoned brand needs to carefully consider their beverage menu, whether alcohol-focused or not, and offer one that is balanced, differentiated, targeted, and one that fits their concept. Learn what it takes in this session.

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Track #5

The New Normal

Timing: 1.5 Hours + .5 Hour Q&A

Truth be told, the previous normal of 3-5% profit margins was not working. The industry has an opportunity to hit the reset button, right now! What bars and restaurants need to execute on in a post-pandemic landscape; strategic clarity, team culture, operating systems, technology, community connection, customer journey maps, and more to create 15% profit margins!

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  • Testimonial

    “Doug is an insightful speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did a terrific job at our annual Nightclub & Bar Conference in Las Vegas.”

    Jeremiah Batucan; Questex

  • Testimonial

    “I truly appreciate your dedication to our shows. You bring a level of active engagement that always develops positive feedback for us. Thank you!”

    Patricia; Clarion Events

  • Testimonial

    “Doug has delivered a number of mind-altering sessions for us with knowledge that has helped set the stage to a really successful conference year after year.”

    Chuck Nervick - MediaEdge

1-on-1 Coaching

Owning a hospitality business may look great on paper, but starting or stabilizing a hospitality business can be really quite daunting and stressful. There are what seem to be endless hours of planning. There are numerous third-parties involved. There are often hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, fifth, or twentieth project—it’s important to be both prepared and organized. There is, in fact, a science to this! If you’re looking for an alternative to the strategic turnkey planning and project management solutions noted below that drive results, profits, and a restful nights’ sleep, the KRG Momentum Program curated by Doug Radkey is for you.

  • Testimonial

    “I was looking for a coach to give me the confidence I needed going into a post COVID-19 market. I found exactly what I was looking for in Doug”

    Carol - The Pinery

Planning & Project Management

Since 2009, KRG Hospitality, based in Burlington with 8 regional offices (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Orlando, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Eastern Caribbean) specializes in early stage restaurant & bar plus hotel, resort, golf course, gaming, and entertainment concepts & emerging brands (with 0-15 locations) to help them unleash their full potential. Drawing on years of experience and a growing industry-wide network, KRG takes the time to understand your unique dreams & potential challenges to develop precise solutions. KRG Hospitality provides a clear framework that’s tailored for each client; writing detailed strategic plans, creating award winning concepts, facilitating start-up projects, finding gaps in existing strategy, developing solutions to known problems, recognising opportunities for growth, and inspiring others through our unique seminars, workshops, & on-going coaching methods.

  • Testimonial

    “Communication was key and we wouldn’t have finished on time without their knowledge & experience on this unique concept”

    Natural Habitat Adv.

  • Testimonial

    “We honestly had no idea the amount of detail that we were going to receive. I am blown away by this business plan package”

    Full Beard Brewing

  • Testimonial

    “KRG was able to not only analyze our program, but they recommended new bar layouts and profitable, innovative F&B strategies”

    The Rose Theatre

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